1 February, 2003

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Omens and Fate

Do you ever have on of those moments at the mall where something just speaks to you and says, "buy me?" Yesterday I did, at one of those middle of the mall kiosks selling Chinese objects. I bought a "lucky bamboo" planter, with a couple of cool dragons on the side (I love dragons). I thought it would go great on my desk at work, and would cheer me up since I had to go to work early on a Saturday. So the whole thought of having a "lucky" object, and how fate affects our lives was rattling around in my head.

But, when I left for work, I forgot the plant, and didn't realize it until I was already on the freeway. I wondered for a moment if I should turn around to get it, fearing I might forfeit my good luck for the day if I didn't. I'm usually not so superstitious, but as I said, I did have thoughts of fate rattling about. Anyway, I decided to press ahead to work, and as I pulled into the parking lot, a rabbit ran out in front of the car for a few seconds, and turned and looked back at me. It was now an "animal omen" moment.

I've had one or two of those in the past as well. The most recent was a couple years back on a solo motorcycle trip through the mountains of Montana. I'd made the long trip to ride a wonderful road I'd read about in a magazine. It was a beautiful morning, and as I proceeded just a few miles down this wonderful road, a golden eagle flew overhead along with me as I traveled. It was one of those Zen-like moments where time seemed to slow down. I felt riding under this magnificent bird was a sign to me that I was on the right path. It was an exhilarating feeling that stayed with me the whole trip, and lingers with me today.

Back to the rabbit. It was the same feeling. So now I'm wondering, what does the rabbit symbolize? My wife and I initially thought, fertility. I'd spent a few minutes yesterday rubbing a pregnant friend's belly. Maybe some of that vibe was still with me. I consulted a dream dictionary which said rabbits meant good luck.

So I'm writing this message with the date of 1 Feb 03 as a little time capsule. Will I have good fortune? I did buy some lottery tickets today, just in case. Will we get pregnant? I think we're a little too old, but kids are always welcome. Or is it just the foolish imagination of a middle-aged man? Time will tell.

Do you believe in fate? Did the seven astronauts who burned up in the atmosphere today have any inkling they weren't going to make it home? A little over 12 years ago, I was flying in the back of a plane on a military mission near the borders of Iraq on the first night of the Gulf War. I remember contemplating death at the time. Could this be it? Would I have any premonitions if I wasn't to survive? As I contemplated, the answer came to me that it wasn't my time yet. I felt confident that when my time to die came, I would have some foreknowledge of the event, and be ready for it.

I believe this is possible. God has a plan for us. There are certain things we are meant to accomplish. As we tune into God, or the Spirit, we can gain insight into the plan for us and see signposts or omens along the way that confirm we're on the right road. Take the time to look deeply at your life and the events around you. Choose your path. Feel confident to boldly follow your heart. That's the only way to discover true growth and allow you attain your full potential.

May God bless you on your journey.

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