1 June, 2000

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Technology and Spirituality
  Most people would not use technology and spirituality in the same sentence, let alone write a few paragraphs about them. Usually the two subjects remain isolated. I feel, however, the technological advances that have revolutionized our lives in so many ways, can also assist in a spiritual revolution.

For a rather worldly example, let's look at the stock market. Up until the last two or three years, in order to purchase or trade stocks, you needed a stockbroker or large company to act as a go-between. The individual held relatively little access, and had to rely on experts for advice and to make the trade. Today, stock market information is found in abundance on the internet, and trades can be made by individuals from the privacy of their own homes. The individual trader has become self-reliant, and the day-trading phenomenon has changed the way Wall Street operates. Some market analysts believe day-traders have become one of the prime forces driving the market.

Can the same computer and internet technology assist with individual spiritual growth? I think it can. Certainly, the internet cannot be a substitute for meditation, prayer, or compassionate service to others. It's extremely doubtful anyone will discover the face of God on a web-page, but the web does hold the potential to free individuals from relying on outside organizations or individuals for spiritual growth.

Just as the printing press led to the individual copies of the Bible and on to the Protestant reformation, increased access to a wide variety of spiritual information over the web, and the use of discussion groups for like-minded individuals to share insights, could be the catalyst to increased spiritual growth and a reformation of the spiritual/religious scene as we know it. Perhaps the time has come where individuals will take charge of their own spiritual development, wresting it from churches and self-proclaimed gurus, much as the day-traders have taken charge of the stock market.


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