18 August, 2000

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Lost Teachings

Normally, I list information about books on our reference page, but I just finished reading what I think could be the "end-all" book for spiritual growth., and so have decided to include it here as a message. The book is called "The Lost Teachings of Atlantis" by Jon Peniel.

In the book he describes a personal journey made to an ancient Tibetan monastery where he was taught spiritual concepts that through the centuries formed the basis of today's world religions. Because of our unique historical circumstances, the teachings are going forth to the masses now, for the first time, in book form. In places, I don't really care for the style of writing, but book's overall message really strikes home with me.

In a nutshell, the basis of the "lost teachings" boils down to two things: first, we all must really live the golden rule (love one another unselfishly); and second, we all must overcome our separate, selfish consciousness and become one with the universal consciousness (or God). The book focuses on self-improvement as the only way to make the world a better place, and how we can all ultimately attain universal consciousness. With so many religions today focusing on external proofs of faith: weekly attendance, regular donations, new church construction, etc.; it's refreshing to encounter a philosophy that focuses on improving our internal being first and foremost.

There's a wealth of other important information on many spiritual topics contained in the book. An outstanding discussion on the nature of consciousness and humans are the way we are. There's excellent advice on finding a true teacher and how to avoid false ones.Would you enjoy learning about the power of crystals, various vibrational levels, the real meaning behind the "fall" of Adam and Eve, and the true name of God and its key to creation? These and many other important topics are covered in the book. There's also a second section with practical meditation and affirmation exercises to aid in spiritual growth.

I can't recommend this book strongly enough. It contains age-old information which explains many new age phenomenon. If you only read one book this year, make it this one. The book can be ordered directly from, or you can find out more about the book by visiting it's website. I wish you all the best as you continue your journeys of enlightenment.

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