19 October, 2000

Making It Happen

Sometimes I get a little caught up in the positive spirit of change that I feel breaking forth around the world. In my last message, I wrote about these changes and the future World Beyond. Since then, my optimism has been confronted with the images of violence in the Middle East. You watch the news and see all the bloodshed and hatred in the Middle East, the Balkans, Africa, and in so many other places throughout the world. Are humans really evolving to a higher state of consciousness?? If so, then why are people still fighting over tombs and sacred rocks? When will we overcome our medieval mind-set?

I have a message to the leaders of the militant groups, the over-zealous Israeli policemen, the terrorists: Renounce Violence! Your violent acts will only attract more violence. More violence to yourselves and the people you claim to be fighting for. To the Israeli and Palestinian so-called religious and political leaders: teach peace!

What kind of religious leader would incite violence in the hearts of his followers? If you are guilty of inciting others to violent actions, you will be held accountable for their actions. You abuse the name of God, you abuse the name of Allah, when you advocate or condone violence in their name.

To achieve a higher state of world consciousness, we must learn to forgive the unfortunate incidents in the past. Let it go. Nothing can be gained from focusing your hate-dominated thoughts and emotions on the negative past. By doing so you're doomed to perpetuate the cycle of violence. From your thoughts, more violent acts are created. The negative energy generated from your thoughts and feelings spawn more negative emotions in the world around you.

I understand how much it must hurt to watch either your young policemen, soldiers or students killed before they reach their prime. It may be your brother, your father, your son. I understand the almost primal desire for revenge. The burning anger that blinds rational thought and leads to animal-like responses - like beating a dead body beyond recognition. I've experienced those same emotions, and it frightened me. I was no longer in control of my actions.

Think! Don't give into the anger. Not only are you creating more violence in this world now, but you're condemning yourself to more violence in future incarnations. Are you a rock-throwing student? Great, next go-around you'll be one of the Israeli cops shooting at the rock-throwing student. Are you an Albanian burning the house of a Serb family living in Kosovo? Wonderful, in your next incarnation you'll be a Serb, and be chased from your home by a vengeful Croatian.

We all need to make the conscious effort to stop the violence now…or it will continue to spiral on, out of control. Look back through history…those uprisings or revolutions that were brought about violently, even to fight for "social good" only resulted in failed systems and even more violence. Look at the horrible consequences of the October Revolution in Russia. Tens of millions killed, and the people still suffer more than 80 years later.

If you really want to change the world, do not fight, love! Only by loving those around us, unselfishly, will we truly make a difference. I realize that the people who need to understand these words are too busy killing each other to read them. This message still applies to the "civilized" people who are reading it. Maybe our actions aren't as violent, but are we spreading hate and dissension in our neck of the woods? Do we treat people poorly because their skin color is different? Do we ignore our neighbors because they don't worship at the same church we do? Do we make fun of homosexuals or lesbians or straight people?

We need to change our pattern of thought, our pattern of speech, and our actions to reduce and finally eliminate our prejudice and ignorance. We need to teach our children to do the same. How? By words, but mostly through our actions. You've heard that actions speak louder than words, in most cases, our actions speak so loudly, our children and others around us can't even hear our words.

Wherever we live, first we first need to change our own hearts. Then we need to be an example of love to those around us. Only through our collective individual efforts, will the evolution of humanity take place.

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