20 July, 2000

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The Power of Love

The power of love. How many times have we heard this phrase? Too many to count and when we do, it's in one ear and out the other, without even making a blip on our conscious mind. That's how I was until recently. Reading the books listed in the reference section on this site, and some recent experiences have altered my thinking.

The power of love is as real as the power of electricity. While electricity powers the physical world, love powers the spiritual world. When we tap into love as a power source, we can accomplish things that seem miraculous. Just as someone traveling back in time to the Middle Ages, with an electric motor, or a video camera would appear to perform miracles. Over the past two hundred years, science has conquered the physical world. Now it's time to turn inward, and use the power of love to conquer the spiritual world. By balanced use of power in both the physical and the spiritual realms, we can truly change the world.

There are many ways to manifest love. Sharing, kind deeds, a big hug, a caring look, a loving touch, taking the time to listen. When someone you love is far away, think warm loving thoughts about them, and you'll both feel the benefit. Think about what someone did to make you feel loved, and then think of what you can do to show someone you love them. If you take the time, your heart will tell you what to do. Then act on the feeling.

The power of love can lift our spirits, brighten an otherwise dark and dreary day. When we are receptive, love can change us. The power of love can heal the wounds of a soul. Love can smooth out our rough spots, and make us better people. Love can bring a never-ending joy to our lives. Share love, experience love, be healed by love and then look around for others to lift up and help. As more people turn from the material things, focus inward and let love flow through them, the world will be changed. The world will be changed, not by some cataclysmic event, the world will be changed one heart at a time.

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