28 July, 2000

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The Impact of Past Lives on the Present

If you look at our reference page, you'll see several books discussing past lives, most written by psychologists or hypno-therapists. These individuals actually "regress" a patient, through hypnosis, to re-experience significant past life events, in order to help solve a present-life problem. Now, depending on where you are right now spiritually, this may sound like the biggest load of crock you've ever heard. Two years ago, that's where I was at. I wouldn't have believed it. I will tell you though, they are extremely successful at what they do.

The other neat thing about the books is they all seem to be mutually reinforcing in the truths that are presented. Sure, there may be small differences, but they are differences in scope really but nothing major. Many of these cases and studies were conducted decades apart, with no knowledge shared between authors. Another way to revisit past lives, is through the help of someone with psychic gifts. Edgar Cayce is perhaps the most well-known psychic practitioner. A few of the books written by the hypnotherapist even mentioned the abilities of good psychics (not the 1-800 hotline type) to help individuals discover their past lives.

Last week I visited such a psychic. I live in the Salt Lake City area, and I can highly recommend her. However, if you live in another area, do some research, and I'm sure you can find a sincere person with gifts who can give you a reading. I won't bore you with all the details here, most of them were a little too personal, but the experience was nothing short of amazing. Looking at it from the big picture, here's what I discovered:

Did you ever wonder how you got your personality? You know, the things that make us all unique. I mean, we're a collection of our previous thoughts, actions and experiences, but hasn't it ever seemed to you that some of your preferences or traits were innate and hard-to-explain? I think this is especially true when you have children, they are all so different at such an early age. During my past life session, I discovered that many of the traits that made me - me, came from my previous lives. Your soul retains the information and qualities (good, bad or indifferent) it gains, and it all shows through in this life. I have a much deeper understanding now about who I am, and where I'm going. The information related to me was so personal, that the psychic had to be getting it from a higher source.

I'm excited. Excited about the prospects that lie ahead of all of us. I will share one personal thing with you. I was told my purpose now is to search out and find "my truth" and then share it with others. Not to convert anyone to "my truth" but to help them each discover "their truth". That's the real purpose behind this site. It began with a bolt of inspiration two months ago, and I hope to continue for as long as it's useful. Please, if any of the information you find on this site strikes a chord with you. Pass it on. I'll never ask for money, just pass it on freely. Share it with your friends. Give us some feedback. Post a message to the discussion board. Submit an article describing your experiences. It's not about any one person, it's about all of us, helping each other grow. God bless you.

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