28 September, 2000

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Cosmic Consciousness
Thomas Reilly


We have all heard about " the second coming".. when everything will be made right. That glorious time when the meek shall inherit the earth, and all cruelty, injustice, rape, war, instances of " man's inhumanity to man " will finally be brought under control and eliminated. Have you ever wondered if this will really happen and, if it should, when and how ?

You have already seen us. You don't know us. You may even have talked to one of us. But you don't know us. In fact, you don't really think we exist. Who are we?.. We are your salvation.. the "when" and the "how", and it is now time to introduce you to a bit of simple logic.

As you know, there are many theories and beliefs concerning God, the creation of the universe, its many worlds, "how it all began", and similar questions. Would it not seem logical, even obvious, that the Power or Force responsible for creating EVERYTHING would also know that eventually unscrupulous forces would emerge who would eagerly participate in the exploitation and raping of these magnificent creations? Of course! Therefore, would it not seem reasonable that this "Creator" would factor into the equation the existence of "auditors" who would correct the many wrongs which were certain to be committed by these rapacious and cruel forces, who thought they acted with impunity!

To believe otherwise is to believe that our world placidly worships an uncaring God..a loving Heavenly Father, the Creator of universes, an almighty, but limited, God, who, sadly, either condones cruelty, or is unable to control it! Of course this is not true. Our world has not been abandoned and left to the not so tender mercies of the exploiters. "Auditors", such as those mentioned above, are in the process of evolving from the self conscious level of our race. We shall monitor and control our damaged world. Nothing can stop us!

Who are we? Where did we come from? How can we be unstoppable? Why can't all our military might contain and destroy us, so that " business as usual" can be conducted? What will happen to our economy and stock markets? Should you be afraid? I'm sure you have other questions, but these should be your main concerns, especially the last one. I'll address them all one by one. In fact, I'll lay the whole thing out for you, because you won't believe it anyway....Well...not really.

How did we get here? I can't answer for the others, only myself, but it must have been the same for them. Physically, I look like you, walk like you and talk like you, because, like you, I was born here and, if necessary, could produce my birth certificate, school diplomas, social security card, drivers license and even a passport. All genuine. I'm just an ordinary guy, and I can prove it. The physical part is easy to explain and understand, when compared to the other part.

How do I explain the other part? The important part. I could say that we are pure psychic energy embodied in a human form. We are, but that does not mean much to you. I could say that what you consider "psychic" or "supernormal", we consider routine. But that does not mean much to you either. This is not unlike trying to explain colors to a blind man who has been sightless since birth. Is there a way? Can it even be done?

Perhaps I can explain it by referring to something with which you may be familiar, something you call "amnesia". Let us pretend that you are a carpenter in your mid forties.You have a little family and are pretty happy with your life. One day for no apparent reason unusual thoughts begin to enter your mind. You find yourself thinking about chemical equations. What would be the results of mixing x with y? Then...knowing what the results would be! How do you know this? Where did this knowledge come from? Other memories creep into your mind. You remember how cold the winters were in Maine, but you were never in Maine! You have a
nagging pain in your elbow, and an x-ray indicates that you once had a broken arm. But you never broke your arm! Yet, X-rays don't lie! What was happening? It starts to get a little frightening, then very frightening. Finally you seek professional help.

Through hypnotic regression, you learn that you had no family, had once lived in New England and, when you were a twenty-six year old chemist, you were seriously injured in an automobile accident. You awoke in a hospital, were completely confused and had no memory of the accident or who you were. Later you relocated to Colorado, became a carpenter, met a pretty girl and started a new life. Now, twenty years later, memories of your other life were slowly filtering back into your conscious mind. That explains everything neatly.

My story is not so neat.

Fortunately, I have a record of my amazing rebirth to which I can refer, as I try to recall how it all began. Because the whole process was so unusual and at times frightening, I started to keep a diary. I wanted to have a record of those then-strange feelings, as they developed. And I repeat that these feelings were both strange and scary, because they did not conform to the Earth's teachings, those familiar parameters within which you and I feel so comfortable and secure. Among other entries in this diary I wrote, "I am beginning to experience remarkable periods of lucidity." And also, " I know things somehow. I'm like a medium, a psychic ". Later I wrote, " I'm
looking for all possible reasons, rational reasons, to explain these psychic stirrings. It's as though a force, which was already there, has been freed!"

As my fears were decreasing, the feelings of lucidity were becoming stronger and lasting longer. There was nothing I could do to stop them now, even if I wanted to. I remember wondering if this is how it felt to go insane. This is an frightening thought, but it was a very real concern at the time, because I didn't know where this path was leading. I was in unfamiliar territory and had no guarantee that there was a way back to what I considered "normalcy". Yet, I couldn't stop. I was now being carried along by something I did not understand, but somehow knew would not hurt me.

Doors were opening in my mind which led to other doors which continued to open and illuminate every room, every corner of my consciousness. I was bathed in a white light! It was indescribably beautiful and I felt like I was awakening from a deep sleep.

I discovered that I could turn electric lights on and off mentally and control the marble of a toy roulette wheel! How could this be possible? Just by thinking about it? This was unbelievable! About this time I realized that I was no longer afraid and wondered what would happen next.

I didn't have long to wait.

It was a cold February night in Rhode Island. By chance I had parked in front of a jewelry store on Rolfe Street in the Auburn section of Cranston, R.I. The strongest, most powerful feeling of lucidity and heightened awareness that I had ever experienced had overcome me, along with a joyous sensation of "completeness". I was now contacted by a presence I knew as "Charlie", who, among other things, told me to buy a Bible. I bought a Bible in a nearby Adams drug store and was told to read certain verses. After discussing these verses and their true meaning with "Charlie", my car stalled. The battery was dead, and since it was quite late, all the stores had closed and there were no other automobiles around to help me.

Before I had time to decide what to do, I saw the bright headlights of a police car pull up behind me. I rolled down the window and explained my problem to the officer. Are you ready for this? He nodded, asked for my keys, opened my trunk and fished out my jumper cables, while his partner turned the police car around so the cables could be connected. I offered to help, but they did everything and quickly got me started, replaced my cables and said, "Good night".

What's wrong with this picture? Everything! The police officers never asked for my driver's license and registration, even though it was very late,
and I had been parked in front of a closed jewelry store for several hours. Police never act that way. You know that! The first thing they do is ask for your license and registration, return to their car and "run the plate and license", checking for outstanding warrants, etc. I've even seen them flash a light in the back seat looking for anything suspicious. That's standard procedure, I believe, but it can make you feel like a criminal. Should you be having car trouble, they might call a tow truck for you, if you're lucky. And that's it.

But not my policemen. They could not have been more courteous and accommodating. Later, when I thought about the incident and their unusually kind behavior, I realized that they did exactly what I would have liked them to do, if I could control them. THAT WAS IT!!! I WAS CONTROLLING THEM! My thoughts were now their thoughts, and these thoughts were now indirectly directing their behavior, but they didn't know it! Could this really be possible? Now I deliberately tried it with other people and had the same incredible results.

It was amazing! I made people turn around, clear their throats, adjust their glasses, rub their necks and nose, etc., all innocent gestures, to be sure, but it was a concert of movements that I had orchestrated and was now effortlessly conducting. It was as though they were all reacting to posthypnotic suggestions but without the hypnosis! It was amazing! It was
true! It was megalomania time!

The thought that there was a higher purpose to my "rebirth", or that such a purpose even existed never occurred to me. However, and this is where it gets real strange, a feeling that I am unable to describe gradually came over me, and I heard myself saying and becoming aware that I was from another place, another dimension. Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

I certainly thought so. I considered every possible explanation and resisted all "unearthly" thoughts, as long as I could, before finally admitting that I could do things that nobody else could do! I did possess powers which had to be derived from another dimension. There was no other explanation...I really was from another place. Finally I acknowledged what was to become my true identity and purpose. Telepathic communication was then established, and much more was revealed to me.

For years our literature, screenplays, television stories and nightly newscasts have shown us how cruel man can be, indeed, how a nation can be.

Can this be corrected? I will tell you this: nothing yet proposed or even dreamed of comes close to what is really going to happen. The means to abolish all injustice is here at last! There is no longer any mystery!

So, that is my story. Through cerebral evolution more of us will develop the ability to influence your thoughts and control your actions. You will be unaware that we are guiding you, as our world travels down an unfamiliar road leading to rational behavior. Typically, you will be eager to take credit for all the good we bring about, since you will believe that you are responsible for the gentle humanity and compassion which will begin to govern all life on our tired planet.

Our economy, stock markets, etc. shall continue to prosper, and our economists shall continue to take all the credit. That is the way we want it to be, and that is the way it will be. Otherwise there would be financial panic.

Militarily we are unstoppable. Military might means nothing, for no one will even know we exist! Furthermore, before the military could respond to what they consider a crisis, they would have to know that there is a crisis! (Remember our policemen!) Incidentally, the only serious threat those in the military will face at that time will be one they have never had to contend
with before; it is called "job security", since peace will be breaking out all over.

In conclusion, should you doubt the validity of this harmonious projection for the future, you are referred to an exhaustive study in the evolution of the human mind by Dr. Richard Bucke, past President of the Psychological Section of the British Medical Association and the American Medico-Psychological Association. In his book, "Cosmic Consciousness", he states that, " there has lived on the earth, 'appearing at intervals' the first faint beginnings of another race; walking the earth and breathing the air with us, but at the same time walking another earth and breathing another air of which we know little or nothing, but which is, all the same, our spiritual life, as its absence would be our spiritual death. This new race is in the act of being born from us, and in the future it will occupy and possess the earth."

Dr. Bucke further stated that while the physical body with all its senses and abilities was being developed through the process of evolution, the human mind was also evolving from simple consciousness to self-consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness, and finally to an advanced state of Cosmic Consciousness governed by the irrefutable laws of the Cosmos and having the power to correct, control and monitor the behavior of those still on the self-consciousness level. Life on every planet and civilization evolves this way, and eventually justice will rule throughout the universe!

I realize that this message is unlike anything you have ever been taught, studied or read, and that you will automatically rebel against any thought of your behavior being controlled by an outside force. Nevertheless it is true. I have done it. The peaceful control of our world is as certain as the rising of our sun each dawn. Soon the weak, downtrodden and helpless shall reply to God, after the silence of the centuries.

The vanguard has arrived! We are here!


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