30 January, 2001

What Think Ye of Christ?

Does it seem to you that when your mind forms a question, an answer arrives shortly thereafter? Maybe it's another way of saying, "knock and it shall be opened." I originally intended to write a message about Jesus Christ prior to Christmas, but I really hadn't received the answer to my question, just who is Jesus Christ?

I was raised in the Mormon church. I spent most of my life believing typical Christian beliefs. Jesus was born half-man, half-god through the immaculate conception. He grew up, and using his divine nature performed miracles to include raising the dead. His teachings were designed to help us live a better life, and help us return to God. He was crucified, resurrected, and through his atonement, mankind could repent, be forgiven of their sins, and ultimately return to live with Jesus in Heaven.

My spiritual journey over the past two years has changed many of my earlier beliefs. I've gone from sin and resurrection to karma and reincarnation. It was a struggle at times to reconcile reincarnation with the role of Jesus Christ. I believe the struggle was worthwhile, however, as Jesus Christ seems more approachable now, his life full of new meaning, and for me, in true utilitarian fashion, much more useful. Jesus was born into this world as any other child is. He obviously had a wonderful, well-developed soul. I'm not going to speculate regarding his prior incarnations. Edgar Cayce has written about them, and while interesting, I'm not sure if I buy completely into it, and for our purposes here it's irrelevant.

Jesus was born, grew older, and at some point realized his divine nature…the same divine nature we all possess…and through his diligence developed it until he could do (what appear to us to be) miracles. These miracles included overcoming death. He broke out of the wheel of reincarnation. He developed his Christ potential until he literally became the Christ.

Now reinterpret his message based on these facts. He commanded us to be perfect, to "follow him." We all have the capacity, in this lifetime(!), to develop the light of Christ which dwells in each of us, until we live as Jesus lived. We become one with the Father just as Jesus did. Others have accomplished this feat. All of us can accomplish it.

Heaven isn't some far-off place, with streets paved in gold and angels playing harps. It isn't reserved for those who died gloriously (or vainly), defending their religion. Heaven is a way of life. It's a plane of spirituality that many individuals have attained and now share. It can be reached by following Christ's teachings and living as he lived.

An important point: you need to understand Christ's true teachings, not some religion's dogmatic interpretation of his teachings. Break out the New Testament, read some of the books listed on our reference page, and follow your heart. You don't need a priest, you don't need a guru. The light of Christ within you will show you the way, if you make the effort to develop it. It will require patience, effort, sacrifice, and love. It may take time, but it's doable, and what could be a more worthwhile goal?

Isn't this approach much more useful than reciting catechisms? Than showing up for church once a week, then forgetting about living a Christ-like life the other six days? Wouldn't this earth be like heaven if each of us were truly striving to fully develop the Christ within us? I'd like to say I was there already. I'M NOT!! But I do know the path is there for us. Someday I hope to meet you all there…I may be the last one showing up…but I'll meet you there. May God bless you.

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