6 November, 2000

The Electromagnetic and Spiritual Spectrums

One of my most favorite learning experiences was when I was taught about the electromagnetic spectrum. Something about the simplicity of that chart, showing the relationship of various types of energy. I was intrigued by the fact that we're surrounded by energy of differing wavelengths and frequencies, some of which we can observe with our senses, some of which require special equipment.

I'm impressed with the ingenuity of scientists who discovered the principles of electromagnetic energy and have exploited the spectrum for our benefit. Radio for communication, microwave ovens for convenience, x-rays for medicine, are just some of the wonders developed over the past century. I wonder now if the principles of this spectrum can be applied to spiritual things?

One of the identifying features of new age religions is the use of crystals for healing. Crystals were also used in radios (prior to the digital age) to tune in specific frequencies. According to some, crystals were used in Atlantis for a wide range of purposes, including power generation. Perhaps further scientific work will re-discover these principles.

Could the spirit realm simply be operating at frequencies outside our normal capabilities of discernment? When we share love or are the recipient of love, could the warm sensation we feel in our chest simply be us tuning into the frequency of love? The more we share and experience love, the better our reception becomes.

By the same token, when we strive to develop our spirituality then we can increasingly "tune in" to messages sent to us from the spirit world, whether they be inspiration, dreams, or visions. The Bible speaks of Moses and Jesus being transfigured prior to them receiving personal communication from God. I think all the major religious leaders of the world were able to receive spiritual messages from beyond. Edgar Caycee was "tuned in" to information from the spiritual world, and he provided thousands of psychic readings to benefit those around him. I've visited a psychic for a past life reading and she was remarkably in tune with the spirit world. She told me things no one without a true spiritual connection could come up with.

I think each of us has the capability to tune into the spirit world. However, each of our receivers works in a different way, and we have differing ways of manifesting our spirituality. The important thing to remember is we all have these capabilities. It's up to us to do what's necessary to improve them, and use them to help others. I certainly make no claims to any great spiritual gifts. I don't see visions and I can't do psychic readings or anything. Although, I do feel inspired though on occasion to say or write things at a certain time.

I remember the first time I felt this form of inspiration. I was attempting to write a high school graduation speech. I sat down at my desk and the words just poured out onto the page…they weren't mine. I felt tuned into something higher. The ideas flowed, they made sense, and my speech was one of those chosen to be read at our graduation ceremony.

Since that day, I've often felt that same inspiration flow through me. Again, nothing major, no Nostradamus-like predictions, just things communicated through me to help those around me. It was this same type of inspiration that led to the creation of this site, to choose its name and develop its content. It isn't the most beautiful, or most comprehensive site out there, but it is the one I felt inspired to create. It isn't my message, but the message that comes through me. I hope we can all increasingly tune into the spiritual frequencies that surround us, to help us cope with our own lives, and to bless the lives of those around us.

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