9 June, 2000

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Everyone needs a partner. It's a universal proposition. It's the way souls operate best and therefore becomes a human need.

When we were babies, our partners were our parents. Feeding, bathing, diaper changing, we needed a mom or a dad, and contrarily, they needed us. They needed to feel the special love babies provide, to feel the joy of life renewed.

As we grew, friends gradually took the place of parents as our partners. A special friend to go on long bike rides with. Someone to share secrets and dreams with. Teenagers no longer need their parents, except for money or a ride to the mall.

By our late teens or early twenties, we're looking for a long-term partner, someone to share a life with. No other joy surpasses finding the perfect partner, and creating a life together. Sometimes it's difficult to find the right person. Usually, it's necessary to become the right person first.

Sometimes partnerships are dissolved through divorce or death. After my grandfather died, my grandmother was fortunate to share her remaining years with another wonderful partner. The two of them brought a great deal of joy to each other and both their extended families.

It takes work to keep our partnerships vibrant. Time, effort and a lot of love are required. I feel fortunate to have found the perfect partner. Someone to complete me. Someone to give me constructive criticism. Someone to keep me centered. She rubs my feet, I rub hers. She cooks dinner, I cook dinner. She cleans the house, I clean the house. When she's gone on business, I miss her help, her companionship, her warmth, her love.

Many believe the journey to spiritual enlightenment is one taken alone. This doesn't work at all for me. Certainly individual growth is required, each person must make their own effort. But a wonderful person can make the trip much more enjoyable. I'm not sure there is a final destination on our journey to become like God. Whatever the case, it should be a wonderful trip. It takes silent meditation, it takes action, but most of all it takes a wonderful partner.


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